A Special Summer Issue On Reading, Listening, And Watching


SUMMER FUNDRAISING DRIVE: Dear readers, here is a summer special edition on books, music, and films, which was imagined, organized, and put together by Manuel García, Jr. -- with the help and guidance from Swans editors. We hope you enjoy the result and have an enriched and peaceful summer. But keep in mind, to maintain Swans with the quality and dependability you have grown used to over the years we need financial help. Ask yourselves the value of our work, and whether you can find a better edited, more trenchant, and thoughtful Web publication that keeps creativity, sanity, and sound thoughts as first priorities. Please help us. Donate now!

(Many thanks to Walter Trkla and Charles Pearson for their generous financial contributions.)


Note from the Editors

This special issue was published on July 30, 2012. You can find it in the archives at this link. We'll be back on August 27, 2012.

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