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"Never tell one story. Always add a second. That way, the first one won't fall over."
--Tikigak Shaman

Our focus: Social and political commentaries; book, film and music reviews; poetry and humor; with a strong emphasis on human needs rather than people's greed -- and the desire, indeed the ardent obligation, to change a system based on profits, exploitation, pilfering, and destruction. We are an independent publication, affiliated with no political party or organization. We offer our collective work and recruit volunteers, occasional contributors, regular columnists and poets without regard to race, color, sex, religion, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, or political affiliation.

Web exclusivity: We publish original Work -- that is, Work not already published elsewhere on the World Wild Web, even on one's own personal Web site -- and we do not accept multi-posting. If you wish to have your work published on more than one Web site, whether your own or that of other E-zines, bulletin boards, blogs, etc., please do not submit it to Swans in the first place.

Republishing in print format is very much encouraged. Simply contact the publisher. We ask for Web exclusivity only. Authors can submit their Work to print publications. Commercial, for-profit publications, should pay their reprint fee directly to the Author.
Length of Work: Up to 2,000 words (although exceptional writing of any length will be considered and may be published in multiple parts).
Editing: The Publisher shall edit the Work as may be required, particularly with regard to grammar, punctuation, spelling, unnecessary repetition, sequence, clarity and house style. Issues such as accuracy of factual content, contradictions, and other major changes considered necessary, shall first be discussed with the Author.
You are responsible for your Work. Insert all necessary references (no plagiarism, please). Take the time to read our Copyright policy.
We reserve the right to refuse any submission and to remove any Work from the site.
If you agree with the above, please proceed to the Submission & Style Guidelines.
Thank you for your interest in Swans.
We know that without solidarity nothing is possible, that with it nothing is impossible.
--Eugene V. Debs


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Created: August 26, 1996
Last Updated: December 25, 2011