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Talking Points For Suppressing Revolution


by Gerard Donnelly Smith


Prose Poetry




When they have nothing to eat, give them enough to live and they will be grateful; even though your plate still overflows.

If people cry out that they are oppressed, promote among them those whose corruption is assured, then honor them as exemplary.

To suppress revolution against capitalism, allow freedom of speech and protest to become a profitable business, so that greed and self-interest will override social causes.

If a leader emerges that cannot be bought, who has no greed, who would sacrifice himself for the greater good, then give his people a martyr and make some small change in his name.

If the population becomes too intelligent it will recognize disparity, injustice, and inequality, so promote the myth that anyone can rise above their class, while ensuring they do not have the skills to do so.

If you do these things in combination, then you will suppress the revolution.

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