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Escape From The Petty Bourgeois Lifestyle


by Gerard Donnelly Smith





"We indulge ourselves with a moral schizophrenia so filled with contradictions it is no wonder we are confused. We are a schizoid culture because different value systems contend among us for hegemony and compromise, and we are so afraid of the consequences of actually deciding to let starving people starve, that we can act only in ways that bring our own starvation nearer."
—Howard McCord (1989)


Leave this messy house behind:
the arguments piled up like dirty dishes,
the denials hidden like dust bunnies,
beneath the polished floors of our daily routine.

Behind the lips, our teeth shine:
sincerity reflects from the well-ground lens
with which children torture other children
upon the concrete sidewalks of our lovely neighborhoods.

Shine this light upon the route of our escape:
the dead ends and wrong turns illuminate,
the choices seen piled up like fatal accidents,
upon the well-paved thoroughfares of our rapid transience.

Escape this petty, bourgeois lifestyle:
the accumulated fashion and furniture,
the comforts work like an anesthetic
upon the central nervous system or our fiscal responsibility.

Leave now, before the Villagers torch the house:
frustration progresses into outright rebellion
with which monsters overthrow monsters
upon the revisionist screen of our collective memory.

Torch this house and all its shining artifacts:
reject the security brightly proffered;
deny the acquiescence so easily adopted
piled-up behind the revolving doors of our corporate egos.

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