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La Muerte de Nadie


by Gerard Donnelly Smith






Nadie spits blood,
a pastoral mosaic in sand,
with patriot's blood.

grenade pins suddenly in vogue
and the uncouth politicians
watch the dadaist sky,

radar green and strobing:
the color of rigor mortis
and of broken, burnt crayons.

like a multi-media event, so
picturesque, a still-life
in action and in action


carving scrimshaw
upon plastic appendages,
his prosthetic-self;

upon heads of state, a curse:
paragenesis of grey matter
like a comic-opera by Fellini

or so it must be
someone singing in castrato
his twilight anthem,

his overture returning
to overrun the ditch
in which we have lain
his bones.


From No One Eats Oranges (1987)

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