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(for Jason and Cara)


by Gerard Donnelly Smith






While Mars drew nigh the cresent moon,
my loves and I philosophized.
suffering our complacency
with cheeses and red wine.

From nothingness to starry heights,
we babbled out the Nietschean night,
none of us neither wrong nor right
or sure of what we knew.

To violence said the wise Camus,
the intelligent man is finally drawn,
to rule the earth by force alone
like a gangster in a movie.

Compassion say the nameless saints,
why argue about what is and ain't,
for love has surely sealed our fate,
and bound us to our duty.

Manifest this wrote the ancient ones,
all love is hate; all hate is love,
locked within the pharmekon
of poisons that might cure you.

Why wish to leave any word behind,
as evidence that our minds were keen
and that we were not blind to all
the world's suffering?

What difference does it make
all this talk, except passing time
and getting drunk, for all we know,
all this is nought and we
were never here, we're never here.

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