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Terrorism? Impeach The Bums


by George Beres





(Swans - November 20, 2006)  Terrorism is a comparatively new word in everyday parlance.

Tragically, it has been a self-serving habit for many decades for one nation: the United States.

Its roots were in illegal wars to steal land from Mexico and Spain in the 19th century. It grew into a more general policy because of later efforts of domineering corporations to make Americans fearful of the threat of communism, after that political system took over Russia and became the USSR. In the 1920s and 1930s, US-style terrorism had its domestic identity as corporations sought to stifle the union movement, and the government stood by as workers were attacked and deprived rights.

Few honest voices tried to defuse terrorism as it found fertile ground in American jingoism. Rare exceptions -- heroes when all others remained silent -- were Socialist Party candidate for president, Norman Thomas, and Paul Robeson, a great football player at Rutgers and a leading singer of opera.

Wealthy corporate heads -- fearful of communism removing their psuedo-partiotic camouflage -- fueled the Cold War in the late 1940s with irresponsible fear of the Soviets. They were easy to believe when Soviet communism was led by a tyrant, Joseph Stalin. But he was no more responsible for the misguided Cold War than they.

For the next half century, the U.S. undermined democracies worldwide by sabotaging them. An early example was ridding Iran of its democratically elected leader, Mossadegh, in 1955. It picked up steam in many Asian and Latin American locations, most notably in the lies of Lyndon Johnson that allowed for the war in Vietnam, and the Iran-Contra criminality of Ronald Reagan.

In the 21st century, terrorism has been the murderous plaything of an illegally named president, George Bush-the-boy, stooge for Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and the neocons, most of them intent on serving the agenda of a foreign nation, Israel. They sacrificed (murdered) 3,000 U.S. servicemen in Iraq and Afghanistan, while encouraging Israel in genocidal policies in Palestine.

Now our citizens have spoken by replacing the GOP with Democrat majorities in the House and the Senate. If they are heard, Bush and Cheney will be impeached in short order with full justification. The question of "hearing" is there because the new Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has suggested impeachment is not likely to be pursued.

If not, then Democrats will prove themselves no more trustworthy than Republicans.

Impeachment should result in Bush, Cheney, and their warring Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld going before the International Criminal Court for judgment on their crimes against humanity. Found guilty, as they surely are, that should place them where they belong -- following Saddam Hussein up the steps to the gallows.


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About the Author

George Beres is an old-time activist and the former manager of the University of Oregon Speakers Bureau.



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