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The Law Of Diminishing Returns


by Gerard Donnelly Smith





(Swans - March 27, 2006)  
The more that you bleed, the more sacrifice it takes
and the less valuable the benefits will seem.
For your heart-felt confusion and moral delusions
blame the law of diminishing returns.

You think that your suffering will turn things around;
you'll find security and you'll profit from your pain.
For your futile compassion and peace never lasting
blame the law of diminishing returns.

The hope that now guides you, will only blind you
from seeing the disaster ahead;
no fortune will save you, nor luck ever find you
as you sink further into the red.

The survival of the fittest, who were you kidding?
You'll have nothing when the money runs out;
allies will leave you, partisans will flee too:
blame the law of diminishing returns.

The more profit you take, the more hatred you create,
and the more distant from true wealth you'll become.
For your fruitless missions and failed ambitions,
blame the law of diminishing returns.


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