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Visions Of Evil


by Gerard Donnelly Smith





(Swans - July 17, 2006)  

beneath the sand bodies rest:
no monuments, no flowers;
the wind moves the sand,
waves across the dead sea.

underneath rubble people lie;
no more walls, no ceilings;
the bombs move through air,
whistles over playgrounds.

inside cages captives pace;
no appeals, no legal voices;
prayers unanswered float
like haze above the bay.

upon the greens captains play:
perfect swings and perfect smiles;
the balls like plausible denial
disappear in black holes.

behind doors a decider waits:
desire and means coalesce:
his opportunity slices
through skin like a razor.

around desks editors debate;
perfect spins and twisted truths:
lies like flies upon carrion
spawn new versions of hate.


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