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You Say You're Patriotic


by Jerry Rubenfeld





(Swans - June 5, 2006)  
You say you're patriotic, then you watch the evening news
It's how you know what's going on, it's how you get your views
You question not your leaders when they're acting quite bizarre
Then you raise your flag on flag-day and admire it from afar

Support our troops your bumper says, and let's go win the war
The countries that you're raiding are made up of mostly poor
You close your eyes in other lands and let the children die
And clap your hands and stomp your feet for mom and apple pie

Then Toys"R"Us and Wal-Mart are on your shopping list
And what they do around the world you claim you don't assist
It really is quite simple if you'd just wake up and see
The problems with this country are people of your degree!


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Jerry Rubenfeld is a mixture of this and that. He has never been anywhere except where he is. He has tried many things during his childhood ages 3 to 54. Jerry attended school in several places none of which were terribly impressive, only to finally learn that he enjoyed learning new things. Since abandoning school in lieu of a mediocre career, Jerry has distinguished himself as a technology freak, an Internet junky, and a social chameleon. Jerry is seen by his family, friends, customers, and strangers as being a nice guy. He is also known for encouraging humorous interactions at almost all social gatherings! Oh yes, Jerry enjoys writing poetry, spelling mistakes inclooded! -- which can be perused on his Website, Jerry's Poetry.



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