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for Anne Sexton


by Laura Madeline Wiseman





(Swans - February 13, 2006)  
There are no songbirds here

only housebirds and hummingbirds

squeaking peeking clicking

from the window looking in.

They don't like if I move

so I sit very still minding them

as they tilt their heads at me

this way and then that way.

There are bars on the window

but they scratch in the screens.

I'm not thin enough for the bars.

Each day I stick a bony finger out

but the fat old witch pushes back

and hands in brownies and cakes

which I feed to the songless birds.

I once thought I saw a red hawk

but there are no real birds here

only circling vultures and crows.

I go from room to room to see them

they're there pretending to be

picking at something at their feet.

The cat suggested I let them in

for a little fun and play and so I did

and they pecked out all my poems.


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Peck, pecked, pecking... Starving poets for Swans

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Laura Madeline Wiseman is an adjunct professor at the University of Arizona. Her works have appeared in 13th Moon, The Comstock Review, Paper Street, and other publications. She is an editor for IntheFray and Empowerment4Women.



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