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by Laura Madeline Wiseman





(Swans - September 11, 2006)  
At the dinner party a man is belying

the prostitutes and the drug pushers

for evading taxes but with a flat tax

they'd have to pay like the rest of us.

It takes me at least twenty minutes

to hear what he's saying because

the jargon is deliciously seductive

Equality! Us vs. Them! Criminals!

like I've entered a conversation late

so I'm mulling over the punch lines

endlessly because I missed the joke.

He's at it again over the homeless

who magically drink pop instead of

beer when the cops finally arrive.

I have to admit he has nice eyes

girl eyes that linger just long enough

I feel my heart tug gently charmed.

But eventually I cut him off. I do!

a woman at a midwest dinner party

to ask if I can meet his super smart

criminal friends. The whores and

drug addicts alluding uncle sam.

I want to be taught a thing or two

because it's obviously the sluts

who've got all the tricks when us

poor white middle class educated

people get fucked over and over.

It is here the husband says goodbyes

and I, not a bit drunk, am giggling

at what a bitch I am, how rude and

apologize saying next time I'll behave.


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Laura Madeline Wiseman is an adjunct professor at the University of Arizona. Her works have appeared in 13th Moon, The Comstock Review, Paper Street, and other publications. She is an editor for IntheFray and Empowerment4Women.



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