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Memory Of A Day With A Beloved Stranger
To S.


by Marie Rennard


Polesy (Polésie) **



(Swans - October 8, 2007)  

I read your voice and remember your eyes
I remember your withheld emotion
To share with a stranger
A book
A meal
Wine and coffee
A talk
A war
A wreck and a silence.
It is moving you know
A man who's fighting against age-old tears.
I caught that shiver you had
When about to drink, you saw blood in your glass.
Mademoiselle de Sombreuil, I thought.
That was stupid, nobody remembers that girl,
You know...
She drank a glass filled with the blood of a freshly
Beheaded victim of La Terreur
To save her own father from the long arms of Mrs. Guillotine.
How did it happen?
You showed me the stamp.
A red one, telling the whole story
Of a man killed by wolves,
Milon de Crotone was his name.
Old slaughter.
How did it happen?
Maybe we knew
It wouldn't just happen again
That grasp, that deep embrace
And our eyes on leave.


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