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Work Done


by Charles Marowitz





(Swans - April 21, 2008)  

Twinkle, twinkle, movie star
Smooth that wrinkle, hide that scar.
Paint your face like ancient savages
Elude the scourge of Nature's ravages.
Beam that sunny plastic smile.
All is charm, nothing guile.
Ne'er a sign of nasty pox;
Crow's-feet banished by Botox.

The fairest beauties 'neath the sun
Have to have some small "work done"
And since perfection can be bought
Why not improve what God hath wrought?
That overlapping, huge posterior
need not make you feel inferior.
A small tuck here, a small tuck there.
Et voilà! Un beau derrière!

But watch that smile (take my advice),
Or that face may crack like ice.
Though only simple-minded Rubes
believe that those are Nature's boobs,
just pack them tight and thrust them high
And they'll impress most every eye.

It's only when you're dead and prone
That problems stem from silicone.
For when your bosom proves inflammable,
Your deception will be damnable
and that God above who All-Sees
reveals the truth: You wore falsies!

And when you wind up down in Hades
with all the rest of your plastered ladies,
you will repent those sly cosmetics
which tried to counterfeit esthetics.
Eternal Damnation for all that perjury:
The price you'll pay for plastic surgery!


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