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Artistic Types


by Charles Marowitz





(Swans - February 25, 2008)  

Heywood Broun, I hear 'tis said
Had a face like an unmade bed.
Bodenheim, drunk and dour
Smelled just like an open sewer.
Dorothy Parker's gin-stained breath
Brought a quick and sudden death.
Ted Hughes's misdirected wrath
Polished off Sylvia Plath.

Zelda danced with frantic pride
Till Scotty had her certified.
T.S. Eliot's troubled bride,
Had her loopy brains pan-fried.
George S. Kaufman, surreptitious,
Screwed all the gals but not his missus.
While Gertrude Stein (alack, sans phallus)
Loved to stick it to her Alice.

Renownèd scribes of every stripe
Are lowly forms of guttersnipe.
And for the fabled sake of art
Sacrifice a trusting heart,
As harmless friends they all betray
In volumes of romans à clef.

Give me a pal, staunch and true,
Loyal and honest through and through,
No fibs, no tricks, no spin, no hypes,
Rather than "artistic types."


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