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Outlandish Sail


by Marie Rennard





(Swans - July 28, 2008)  

The lonely sailor

Gets drunk when the night comes.

He counts the stars, and reads the world

And draws left-hand the lines of shores

When the moon wolfs the dark.

He stands in the wet air


And hears, and carefully listens

To lyrics the air blows

From distant grounds.

They're bottles to the sea

Messages to the moon

Tears or drops

Gaps in clouds


Circumstances or might-have-been

The smiles of the rescued

The white eyes of the dead.


Sometimes wobbles

Out of dirty whiskey

When the blow gets stronger

When it starts smelling fire

When on the lines of shores

Red burst outs hurt the night

And winds themselves forget

That it is all about love

And of sewing a song.


He throws to the sea his useless bottle



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