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The Repair Chronicles


by Art Shay





(Swans - July 26, 2010)  


No phrase in the language brings more joy to me
Than: "It's broken but still under our warranty."


For three hundred bucks -- I'm about to pay cash
To extinguish a warning light deep in my dash.
"Replacing the sensor will turn out the light.
If not, sir, it's something else that ain't right."


My many-buck implant has started to fail.
My dentist stays ruddy while my face turns pale.
"It's not just the teeth," he proudly explains,
While poking around in my latest pains.
I can tell, ere he quotes astronomical sums,
He senses an Audi is parked in my gums.


I forget if we bought him a Gateway or Dell,
But our grandson's first e-mail assures us it's swell.
"Or was for six months, so thank you and gran.
Did you happen to buy me the three-plus-year plan?"


My wife's the bravest woman I know.
She just tossed the remote of three sets ago.


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About the Author

Art Shay is the author-photographer of more than fifty books, the former staff Washington correspondent for Time-Life and Life Bureau Chief in San Francisco. Shay has had 25,000 published pictures including 1,050 covers of magazines, books, and annual reports for such clients as Ford, 3M, National Can, Motorola and ABC-TV. His pictures hang in the National Portrait Gallery (Heffner, Durocher, Robert Crumb) in the Chicago Art Institute. His work is currently exhibited at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art (through June 29, 2008) following an exhibition at the Gallerie Albert Loeb in Paris, France. The April 2008 issue of North Shore magazine (Chicago) says that "his pictures have the psychology of Dostoevsky, the realism of Hemingway, and the metaphor of Melville... He's in the Pantheon of great photographers such as Cartier-Bresson, Brassai, Strand, and Stieglitz." The Daily Herald (Chicago suburban) of May 5, 2008, called him "the pre-eminent photojournalist of the 20th century..."   (back)


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