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Message For Twitterers


by Charles Marowitz





(Swans - April 5, 2010)  

Twitter twitter little star

What a bore you really are!

You tell me this and tell me that

N' burden me with stale chitchat.

Don't immerse me in minutiae

Then triumphantly cry out "touché."

Don't you know your endless drivel

Makes my rusty brainpan shrivel.

What makes you think your jolly pluck

Makes me "give a fiddler's fuck."

Your tedious brain like a rusty knife

Makes me long for the afterlife!

Your banter and your contemplation

Cries out loud for fumigation.

The fact is that your playful words

Affect me as do steaming turds.

And when I hear my iPhone ring

I know I'm in for suffering.

So when the hours you'd like to pass

(growing bored with your looking glass,

your own sweet face now hard and crass)

Just shove your iPhone up your ass!


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