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Court Of Hard Knox, With Apologies To G & S


by Steve Shay





(Swans - April 5, 2010)  

Last December fourth it happened that a scapegoat had been found,
They got her on their list. They got her on their list.

Perugia's offender whom they've driven underground.
They thought she wouldn't be missed. They thought she wouldn't be missed.

"Conspiracy-Mignini," fellow thugs, his brown-nosed staff,
The judges and forensic team who worked on his behalf.

Those bogus bra-clasp fingerprints, the ones that many touched,
The knife too long for wounds it left they said Amanda clutched.

The truth they tied in knots for her attorneys to untwist,
They assumed would be unmissed. Yes the truth would be unmissed.

They've got her on their list.
Yes, Amanda's on their list.

There's the tabloid papers publishing their pressing poisoned point,
The Seattleite they hissed... They've got her on their list.

The court it seems paid off the press, her reputation to disjoint,
She never would be missed. No, she never would be missed.

Her odd behavior, cartwheels, and the hash she said she had,
The lingerie she never bought, that made her look so bad.

It was sex and drugs and school and boys they say that turned her mad,
An angel's face with devil's eyes, despite her mom and dad.

And her boyfriend whom she kissed, he's also on their list.
The two are on their list. They say the two will not be missed.

And her roommate, Meredith, whose short life Guede slowly ended,
Amanda's friendship with Ms. Kercher, it was chocolate-covered splendid.

And all those happy pictures on her laptop police fried,
Those photos of Amanda and her roommate side by side.

They said those photo wouldn't be missed.
No those photos wouldn't be missed.

So they put her on their list, and they kept her on their list.
The girl the great Mignini dissed, the girl he personally has dissed.

The Cavalese disaster on that cable car occurred,
It angered Italy against America, I've heard.

It's payback time. Amanda is the sacrificial lamb,
The court of kangaroos has perpetrated quite a scam.

So they put her on their list. Yes they placed her on their list.
And Oprah, Trump, and Senator Maria all are pissed.

And in Seattle she is missed. Until she's freed she's truly missed.


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About the Author

Steve Shay was born in Deerfield, Illinois, in 1959. He is a full time photographer and reporter for Robinson News, Seattle, Washington. He lives in West Seattle with his girlfriend, Laura Wold, and their 9-year-old golden retriever Alice. Steve is the son of Swans contributor Art Shay and the rare-book dealer Florence Shay.   (back)


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