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Special Summer Issue: Books, Music, Films


My Selections


by Michael Barker



Fundraising Drive: Dear readers, here is a summer special edition on books, music, and films, which was imagined, organized, and put together by Manuel García, Jr. -- with the help and guidance from Swans editors. We hope you enjoy the result and have an enriched and peaceful summer. But keep in mind, to maintain Swans with the quality and dependability you have grown used to over the years we need financial help. Ask yourselves the value of our work, and whether you can find a better edited, more trenchant, and thoughtful Web publication that keeps creativity, sanity, and sound thoughts as first priorities. Please help us. Donate now!



(Swans - July 30, 2012)   Like most people, my favourite books, music, and films change all the time. Nevertheless, here are some that still take my fancy at the moment.




•   Web of Deceit: Britain's Real Role in the World (2003), by Mark Curtis (Vintage Books)

Why Britain is of course not so different from the United States.


•   Re-enchanting Humanity: A Defense of the Human Spirit Against Anti-humanism, Misanthropy, Mysticism and Primitivism (1995), by Murray Bookchin (Cassell)

Need I say more.


•   Taking the Risk out of Democracy: Propaganda in the US and Australia (1995), by Alex Carey (University of New South Wales Press)

A thorough reading of the use of corporate propaganda against humanity.


•   Foundations and Public Policy: The Mask of Pluralism (2003), by Joan Roelofs (State University of New York Press)

A comprehensive story of the rise and rise of liberal philanthropy.


•   Travesty in Haiti: A True Account of Christian Missions, Orphanages, Food Aid, Fraud and Drug Trafficking (2010), by Timothy Schwartz (Self-published)

Waging aid! Philanthropy in action.


•   The Making of Black Revolutionaries (1985 [1972]), by James Forman (Open Hand Publishing)

A timeless autobiography from a leading civil rights activist.




•   Depth Of Sound (2010), music by Dubmarine

Music to dance your socks off to: sweaty times and happy times.


•   Mark My Words (2012), music by Grace Petrie

Beautiful folk, raging against the machine.


•   Beads On A String (2005), music by Kooii.

Calming lullabies and grooving melodies.


•   Party Music (2001), music by The Coup

Hip-hopping against imperialism.


•   Soundtrack To The Struggle (2011), music by Lowkey

Rapping for the future.


•   Constellations (2010), music by the Grassroots Street Orchestra

Jamming tunes and incendiary lyrics.




•   The Big Flame (1969), by Ken Loach

A tale of resistance and occupation.


•   The Day Today (1994), by Armando Iannucci and Chris Morris

Hilarious spoof of the British current affairs programming.


•   The Wind That Shakes The Barley (2006), by Ken Loach

A heartfelt tale from the Irish struggle against imperialism.


•   The Big Blue (1988), by Luc Besson

Of love and the sea.


•   Psywar: The Real Battlefield Is The Mind (2010), by Scott Noble

Easily the best documentary on the history of modern-day propaganda.


•   The Power Principle: Corporate Empire and the Rise of the National Security State (2012), by Scott Noble

Mind-blowing exposition on power.


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