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Perspectives: A Review of 2012


Humanity Versus Capitalism


by Michael Barker



(Swans - December 17, 2012)   Under the aegis of capitalism, death and catastrophe have become the defining features of social and political activity, and sadly 2012 has been no different. Yet in spite of dire predictions of an impending social apocalypse, the majority of the world's citizens have remained strong, working hard (where possible), and doing their utmost to care for those around them.

Naturally, the profit imperative works to undermine humane endeavours, distorting our body and minds into unnatural shapes. Morality, such as it is, must be procured within a morally-bankrupt economic system; humanity within a system that denies the realization of a truly human condition. But whatever twisted form these qualities may take, their persistence affirms the need to destroy a toxic body politic that preys upon generosity and goodwill, a structural behemoth striving to transmogrify love into both greed and anger.

Capitalism thus literally breeds discontent, which it must then harness to its own illogical growth imperatives. But humans, well being humans, work hard to resist such trends. There is more to life than economic growth. Happiness and justice cannot be ditched, and their denial only leads to an intensified search for their realization, and so it is that people engage in a daily struggle against the fundamentals of our capitalist system.

Though conspicuously absent from the corporate media, success stories abound; but whilst one would not wish to deny the frequent failures, even they provide lessons that can strengthen future resistance. And so it is that humanity is held up by a tiny ruling class that engages in a futile struggle to prop up crumbling structures of domination. Flooding us with the propaganda of futility that stems from their very own understanding of capitalism's impending replacement.

Regardless of definitions, socialism has always been growing in the popular mind, and 2012 is no different in this regard. We all have the ability to make human connections every day of our lives, and it is through such active solidarity that we are building a global movement that will soon be capable of making capitalism redundant.


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Michael Barker is an independent researcher who currently resides in the UK. In addition to his work for Swans, which can be found in the 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 archives, his other articles can be accessed at michaeljamesbarker.wordpress.com. Please help fund his work.   (back)


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