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The Red Street
For Neda Agha Soltan


by John M. Marshall





(Swans - June 18, 2012)  

The streets are broad in Tehran,

thirsty for sustenance;

soldiers of the supremacy

will provide it

full measure,

not with water

but with blood,

running like a river

into the gutters of Kargar Avenue.

The colors of oppression

are shades of red,

sprinkled with droplets

of fear and grief,

piercing like a lance

the heart of hope,

strangling like a rope

the throat of faith.

As innocence dies

on the ruby road,

the masters of murder

sit in their tents,

feasting on tea,

pistachios, and dates,

secure in their falsehood,

oblivious to their crimes.

These are the times

of suffering and sorrow,

as desolation reigns

in the soul of Iran.


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About the Author

John M. Marshall is the founder and editor of Epiphany Arts, Cape Fear Poetry Society, and various poetry sites. He has received several writing awards. His poetry has been published in the U.S. (including Swans) and seven other countries. He recently had song lyrics performed at the Irish Embassy in Bulgaria. Marshall lives in Wilmington, North Carolina.   (back)


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