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The Maid Among The Heather
(In memory of Elizabeth Grey Fussell, 1950-1971)


by John M. Marshall





(Swans - August 27, 2012)  

Blue and yellow flowers up the mountain's side

far in the sky where the clouds are born

there she danced and there she whirled

a gossamer sprite against the blue

Supple willows up the hills' expanse

shade for the bowers and the burgeoning rills

seven of their sisters grouped in a ring

to guard the daughter of the moorland's marsh

Fast she flew along the crest

dancing, dancing on horizon's breadth

fleet like a feather swift as the wind

forever singing where rivers begin

Up the steep meadows I ran like a child

arms outstretched to catch the dream

slowly fading into mountain's mist

beyond my grasp on dawn's gold beams


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About the Author

John M. Marshall is the founder and editor of Epiphany Arts, Cape Fear Poetry Society, and various poetry sites. He has received several writing awards. His poetry has been published in the U.S. (including Swans) and seven other countries. He recently had song lyrics performed at the Irish Embassy in Bulgaria. Marshall lives in Wilmington, North Carolina.   (back)


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