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Killing Fields Of Love


by Raju Peddada







(Swans - December 3, 2012)  

Life blurs, in the speed of happiness
Brutally slow, swimming in sorrow
Can we speed up this unseemliness
For happiness, to return tomorrow

Sleepless, I stay fighting the traffic
The same at home, only relentless,
Escape in sleep, and it's terrific
Wake up determined, to be no less

I wish, to slip into unconsciousness
With one faculty, to watch the boys
Numbness is blessing at this stage
When life is a burden, with no buoys

I could touch, all the lost friends
A telepathic utopia of some sorts
All the yesterdays, of frolicking fetes
Unbridled happiness, one imports

Love, elusive to the one needing most
Purchased, better in many ways
Know what to expect from the host
No remorse, after you had your way

Killing fields of love
devotion: a quality expired today
No understanding of the fatal move
Selfish utopia, day after day

Parents, in old age we will be
Having no foresight in this matter
Eternal children, we will be
Shortsighted, we'll not matter

Arguments, over life and choice
Spending much of the time in strife
Isn't life precious, even without a voice
Planting of trees, but not life

Subtle, blatant to the perceptive
Blatant, subtle to all with insight
What is blatant, is surprisingly curative
What is subtle, is hurtful and spite


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About the Author

Raju Peddada is an industrial designer running an eponymous brand, purveyor of ultra luxury furnishings of his own design (see peddada.com). He is also a freelance correspondent/writer for several publications, specializing in commentary, essay, and opinions on architecture, design, photography, books, fashion, society, and culture. Peddada was born in Tallapudi, a small southern town in south India. He's lived in New Delhi and Bombay before migrating to the West Indies and eventually settling in Chicago, Illinois, where he worked in corporate America until he chose to set up his own designing firm. He lives with his family in Des Plaines.   (back)


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