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Reach For The Book


by Ricardo E. Gonsalves





(Swans - January 30, 2012)  

reach for the book
smack a redneck upside the head
hide a Glock in a carved out bible
burn pages to build a capitalist fire
stack by dozens to make a homeless house
send pages in urgent bottles out to sea
make literate airplanes & conduct a wordful raid
wrap fish & serve to the recycled poor
blow your nose & clean your ears in public
throw spitwads @ cops
weave a blanket of shredded words
lift repeatedly for Jack LaLanne biceps & pecs
toss through your landlord's window
hit together & create a zen slap
open for the sake of fresh air
sniff for memories & optional futures
kick to save your dog from pain
step on for out of reach hope


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About the Author

Ricardo E. Gonsalves is a therapist and an experimental poet and artist who participated in the VI Biennial of Visual and Experimental Poetry in Mexico. He has been an activist within the Chicano Art movement and is currently affiliated with the Magoski Art Colony in Fullerton, California. Other poems by the author can be read at thing.net/~grist/l&d/biennial/b-rg.htm   (back)


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