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An Allegory


by David Francis







(Swans - May 20, 2013)  

I am the little fish that lives inside the Whale.
I think I'm free though others might consider it a jail.

And when My Host decides to plunge into a war,
I have every faith in Him that He knows what it's for.

It's quite warm and moist in here although rather dark,
a paltry price to pay for protection from the shark.

I even have a perk, though far from a CEO:
no difficult decisions about directions where to go.

Oh sure, I have my issues: sometimes it's downright boring
but I put on my headphones when He's singing or snoring.

And...there's a little family that's moved into the mouth;
they all live in one cavity, they're transplants from the South.

I think He should do something: why won't He spit them out,
enforce the borders (dentist's orders), eject them through His spout!

Now it seems He's signed a contract with their president
that they can clean His plankton with the status of resident.

The only time I would ever show the slightest self-motivation,
my lonely ethics reluctantly register provocation,

my cherished right to freedom of assembly resort to riot
would be, of course, if ever He went on a diet!


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About the Author

David Francis has produced three albums of songs, one of poems, ALWAYS/FAR, a chapbook of lyrics and drawings, and the film Village Folksinger. His poems and stories have appeared in a number of US and UK magazines. His Web site is http://davidfrancismusic.com. He lives in New York City.   (back)


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