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by David Francis







(Swans - July 29, 2013)  

She has more life in her old-looking body
than many a one has in her younger-:
it is life in rebellion against
the limitations that might arise in decline

the clown risking the fool edge of the spectrum
or the sentimentality that is too pat
akin, more than to the chill of greatness, a bib drool—
she cares not, for she is with her friend

she sings along with a piped-in song
hearkens to a former romanticism
rising on the bridge in quavering notes
fluted forms in shadow walking

and when they rise she lifts the bread knife
pretends to stab her innocent companion
whose acceptance of the act
is the context for this irrational vigor


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About the Author

David Francis has produced three albums of songs, one of poems, ALWAYS/FAR, a chapbook of lyrics and drawings, and the film Village Folksinger. His poems and stories have appeared in a number of US and UK magazines. His Web site is http://davidfrancismusic.com. He lives in New York City.   (back)


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