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The Phone Friend


by David Francis







(Swans - November 4, 2013)  

Well, I really want you to come over
because you've just got back. You've been somewhere
exciting...and you just might get somewhere.
It might add up. Fat chance. But even I
am interested in that place where you've been
and at worst it will provide some gossip.
At best—who knows? At this point that's dubious
but best to be cautious: your name-dropping
sounded convincing. How did you come up
with that name, otherwise? Something's up—
you've been somewhere that I'm interested in.
So...we've got to get together. You've got
to come over—but not this weekend, not
next weekend. I've got to do this and it's
involved doing this, it's so involved.
And even now it's late—it's late right now.
Late. I feel like hearing all about it
but it's late now even though I called you.
I'll have you over soon. See you later.


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About the Author

David Francis has produced three albums of songs, one of poems, ALWAYS/FAR, a chapbook of lyrics and drawings, and the film Village Folksinger. His poems and stories have appeared in a number of US and UK magazines. His Web site is http://davidfrancismusic.com. He lives in New York City.   (back)


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