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by John M. Marshall







(Swans - August 26, 2013)  

Within the sun and cloud shaped halls

of ancient, sculptured windswept walls

you were waiting

for me to find you.

Among the nubile nymphs and fawns**

wrapped in the raiment of vernal dawns

you were waiting

for me to see you;

and so I came like a child of night

into your eternal, ethereal light;

as you in silence and starry lace

illumined my path to humility.

Upon the mossy, marbled floor

where like rain you draped your hair

you were waiting

for me to touch you.

Beyond the dark and mystic door

where stark and cryptic dreams appear

you were waiting

for me to hear you;

and so I came like a child of night

into your eternal, ethereal light;

as you in silence and simplest grace

illumined my path to serenity.


*  Sculpture by Avard Tennyson Fairbanks, Brookgreen Gardens  (back)

**  Sculpture by C. Paul Jennewein, Brookgreen Gardens  (back)


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About the Author

John M. Marshall is the founder and editor of Epiphany Arts, Cape Fear Poetry Society, and various poetry sites. He has received several writing awards. His poetry has been published in the U.S. (including Swans) and seven other countries. Marshall lives in Wilmington, North Carolina.   (back)


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