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Breakfast Menu


by Peter Byrne





(Swans - August 26, 2013)  

She:  I had this dream.

He:  Really? I slept like a log.

She:  It was strange.

He:  So what about breakfast?

She:  Because I usually don't dream at all.

He:  I'll do the coffee.

She:  The dream itself was strange too.

He:  I don't think you're hungry.

She:  It was a big empty place.

He:  Get something hot into you in the morning, I always say. Hot food, that is.

She:  You won't guess who was there.

He:  Especially in this cold weather.

She:  Imagine them together. It's preposterous.

He:  Do you think it's going to rain on top of it?

She:  Just think of the age difference. And anyway that bishop's dead, isn't he?

He:  I don't know about you but I'm taking an umbrella.

She:  She hadn't a stitch on from the waist down.

He:  Toast? What kind of day will you have?

She:  Oh, he was fully draped and had his thing in his hand, the what's-it with the crook.

He:  Crozier or crosier. I wish I had a krapfen with this coffee. Do we have any frozen crumpets? I know the kuchen's finished. I'll bring back some oven-ready croissants next time I go downtown. A cruller I haven't had in ages. Of course it will soon be hot-cross-bun time.

She:  Not that they did anything.

He:  If there's nothing else I'm going to eat that cold croquette. Care for a bite?

She:  I wonder if that big room wasn't a church. It was poky for a cathedral.

He:  I'm going to leave early. You know what the traffic's like toward the end of the week.

She:  I'm sure they weren't praying. But he was giving her an earful.

He:  You never find a parking space first time round on a Friday.

She:  You know, I think that's it. He was going to confession to her.

He:  Are you going to wash your hair before you get dressed? Not that it looks that bad. Just a shade tired around the edges.

She:  There were no stained-glass windows.

He:  Maybe you should go back to bed. You must have a day's leave coming.

She:  It was kind of undenominational.

He:  Not that you want to cut into vacation time. What do you think about Mauritius this year?

She:  Or Jewish.

He:  I suppose we should think about booking soon.

She:  It could have been a brothel.

He:  Or don't you want sun and beach again this summer?

She:  You know, of ill fame.

He:  What's your feeling? Mountain air?

She:  His big toe was a scream. It stuck out of his sandal like a rat's ass.

He:  In any case, Christmas is out of the way. I'll put the box of tree lights in the attic tomorrow.

She:  Wicked. I couldn't see his other foot.

He:  I'm into the shower then. I won't be long.

She:  The best part was after. There were church bells, but more like a buzzer. Then a big gate swung closed. I'd swear it was the main entrance to the zoo.

He:  Well, I once dreamt I got lost in a safari park. Odd place, kind of gothic. The monkeys had beards.

She:  Yes, get into the shower quick or you're going to make me late again.


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