The Bloody Catholic Easter 1999

by Dr. Vladimir Ajdacic

April 13, 2001

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And another angel, a second one, followed,
saying, "Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great,
she who has made all the nations drink of
the wine of the passion of her immorality."
--Revelation 14:8

Easter is the most sacred and the happiest day for Christians. However, the people of Yugoslavia will never forget Easter 1999. NATO, led by the Americans, carried out vicious bombing attacks on a variety of civilian targets in Yugoslavia. Despite a message and request from the Pope not to bomb during this important Christian holy day, NATO bloodied their hands. The patriarch of the Russian Eastern Orthodox Church, Aleksej II, predicted their actions correctly. NATO's message, written on the bombs and tomahawk missiles was, "Easter presents to the Serbs".

This is a brief chronology of events that took place.

Thursday, April 1, 1999 - On this very day, during the Last Supper, Christ told his followers he would be caught and he would die for our sins.

The old bridge over the Danube in Novi Sad was bombed and destroyed. This bridge remembers the death of 1,500 Jews and Serbs by Nazis during the Second World War; they were killed and thrown into the river. Along with the bridge, NATO bombed villages in the Bajina Basta and Kosovska Mitrovica regions. On the same day the Yugoslav Army captured three American soldiers that crossed the Yugoslav border from Macedonia. Also, the pride of the U.S. army, the "invisible" F-117 Stealth Bomber was shot down over Yugoslavia, barely managing to land in Croatia. One plane and two NATO helicopters were also shot down. We hear that coffins with NATO soldiers are leaving Macedonia and Greece on their way home. May God forgive them; they were carrying out orders given by their insane superiors.

Good Friday, April 2, 1999 - On this very day Pontius Pilate proclaimed the death sentence for Jesus Christ. He died on a cross. In the evening, his body was lowered and laid to rest in a grave.

Various International Conventions ban cluster bombs. That ban did not stop NATO from using them on Good Friday. Missiles, rockets and bombs caused civilian deaths in Lipljani, Nogavac, Klina and Kursumlija. The St. Mary Monastery, which was built in the middle ages, was damaged. The train station close to Leskovac was hit. The downtown area of Vranje, a medium size city in southern Serbia was in flames. Civilian objects in Djakovica were hit again. The Stari Trg area of Kosovska Mitrovica was bombed again.

Saturday, April 3, 1999 - On this very day Jesus Christ lied in his grave, while his followers were weeping.

Bill Clinton, the president of the United States, personally selected the targets to be bombed. Tomahawk missiles hit the police buildings in down town Belgrade. Hellholes were visible from a distance. Civilians gathered, trying to help the firefighters in their efforts to extinguish the fires. What a tragic opportunity to witness the immensely destructive capabilities of the "civilized" West! The Lazarevic hospital, the largest maternity ward in Belgrade with over 1,000 newborns, mothers and staff is nearby. Try to imagine. Mothers who have just given birth were evacuating the premises with their newborns and fleeing to bomb shelters. As they were running, "gifts" from the most powerful man in the world kept exploding around them. Gifts for Easter. NATO also bombed Leskovac, Gruze, Irig, Vrdnik, Ruma. The UN Peacekeepers in Bosnia wrecked the railroad tracks into Serbia. Some "peacekeeping." The "brave" UN soldiers killed the railway station guard by shooting him in the back. Part of "peacekeeping"

Easter, April 4, 1999 - To Christians, this is the happiest day. On this very day Christ rose from the grave.

Church bells ring in every Christian country in the world. However, in Yugoslavia, NATO is busy bombing bridges. The Backa Palanka bridge over Danube was destroyed. Three schools in Raska have been hit, along with a kindergarten, a sports centre and a large number of houses and apartments. They bombed and hit a chemical plant in Lucani; an ecological disaster was miraculously averted. The city of Valjevo was bombed again, and for the fourth time the medieval monastery of Gracanica. It is ironic that Richard Holbrook, one of the main proponents of the war against Yugoslavia, had visited and admired this old monastery. This is how a military spokesman, at a press conference in Washington, justified the desecration and vandalism of this ancient monastery: "NATO said it had been informed by Albanian guerrillas that there was a field hospital nearby." To NATO hitting a field hospital (on Easter) is perfectly acceptable. A very Christian way to celebrate Easter.

Destruction and bombing continued until well after Easter. April 6th has a special meaning to the Serbs. How can they ever forget April 6th, 1941, the day Hitler's Nazi Germany (without declaring war - the same as with NATO) virtually destroyed Belgrade? How can the Serbs forget the destruction and damage inflicted by German Stuka planes? Now future generations of the Serbian people will be able to remember the destruction and damage done by the "friendly and civilized" NATO Christians in the name of democracy and humanitarian intervention; and they will forever reject this kind of "democracy" and "humanity" for what it truly is, a monumentally and shamefully anti-Christian deed.

How should the Serbs deal with this? Future generations of Serbs must comfort themselves in the knowledge that the Serbian people were not responsible for this conflict and were innocent victims of NATO's destruction. An old proverb says: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Generations of Serbs have lived with this credo. The Serbian people will continue to do so. NATO has yet to learn this lesson.

As for what NATO "Christians" did to the Serbs? As true Christians, we must remember what Jesus said:

"Put your sword back in its place, for all who draw the sword will perish by the sword."

That all of this mayhem happened around Easter 1999 is poignant, if not ironic. The Catholic Church had proclaimed 1999 "The year of the Father, the year of fatherly love."


Introduction to Dr. Vladimir Ajdacic's three essays
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Note: Dr. Ajdacic's three essays, written during Easter 1999, could not have found their way to Swans without the relentless help of Pedja Zoric (Serbian Canadian Society of Vancouver) as well as the translation and efforts of Serbian Unity Congress, Serbian Canadian Society of Vancouver, Natasa Mrkic, Jelena Vladikovic, Otto K. Folprecht, and Piotr Bein. (Editing: Jan Baughman and Gilles d'Aymery.)


       Prof. Vladimir S. Ajdacic, Ph.D., educated at the University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, and at the University of Toronto, Canada, is a retired nuclear physicist. He is presently dealing with the problems of eliminating heavy radioactive metals (U, Pu) from the humans that, under peaceful or war circumstances, became victims of nuclear technology, pestilence of our time. Dr. Ajdacic lives in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

         Please, DO NOT steal, scavenge or repost this work without the expressed written authorization of Swans, which will seek permission from the author. This material is copyrighted, © Vladimir S. Ajdacic 2001. All rights reserved.

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Published April 13, 2001
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