The Resurrection of Christ - Go Away Satan!

by Dr. Vladimir Ajdacic

April 13, 2001

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And the dragon stood on the sand
of the seashore. Then I saw a beast
coming up out of the sea, having
ten horns and seven heads …

--Revelation 13:1

Thursday (April 8th, before Orthodox Good Friday) - Downtown Cuprija destroyed. Apartment and other civilian buildings razed. Recreational ski centre on mount Zlatibor -- demolished, three victims of the attack. A building housing children and the medical centre were bombed and completely destroyed. For the third time, the chemical plant in Lucan was bombed even though there is a danger of an ecological catastrophe. The villages of Krcevac and Cerovac close to Kragujevac were targeted, also Grbavica close to Gornji Milanovac. In Pristina, bodies that were thrown out from their graves by the powerful blasts were reburied. The aftermath: 180 graves and 407 tombstones destroyed. Aleksinac, a city of miners, horrifically in ruins, 26 houses and about 400 apartments destroyed. Twelve dead and over 30 wounded. The crime has been committed: premeditated murder, explained by NATO as 'simple mistake'!

Good Friday (April 9th) - 500 KLA insurgents prepared an attack on Kosovo, with the help of NATO forces! Car manufacturing complex "Zastava" was heavily bombed and demolished. In that attack, 124 factory workers were wounded as they formed a human shield to save their factory. The rebel attack at Djakovica, while supported by Albanian artillery and NATO air force from Albania, failed. In Smederevo, "Jugopetrol's" fuel storage facilities were put on fire, and huge flames surrounded the area. A school in the village of Bogutovac, near Kraljevo, was destroyed. The Pricevic village was bombed again. The tourist resort of Divcibare was attacked. Three cluster bombs were dropped on the village of Orahovac in Kosmet. Disinformation and strict censorship of news broadcasts reign over countries that supposedly support 'democracy' and 'human rights'. Media lies are beyond imagination. The citizens of Serbia and the Republic of Srpska fight every day with a "Song against the War," showing their defiance against the worlds' bullies. Patriarch Pavle sends Easter Greetings.

Saturday (April 10th) - The Kosovo Polje railway station was shelled. A few rockets fell close to the Monastery of Gracanica. Pricevic was bombed for the fourth time. Once again the airport of Slatina near Pristina was bombed.

Orthodox EASTER (Sunday, April 11th) - Five bombs hit the Zastava Car Factory in Kragujevac at 3 a.m. Around Belgrade, heavy bombing by NATO planes. Numerous detonations annoyed and disturbed the peace and happiness of the Serbian people who were celebrating the day Christ was resurrected. Once again the oil refineries of Pancevo were targeted and hit. Heavy bombing destroyed the center of Pristina. Serbs were later accused of these actions! These disgusting lies were proven to be made by numerous witness accounts and photographs by Albanians from Pristina. One bomb fell onto a very populated area of Novi Sad. Three dead in the village of Mirovac, near Podujevo. The area of Kursumlija was attacked. Turekovo, a village near Leskovac was hit. The people of our country tolerate death and destruction as a sort of unique crucifixion: no grumble, no curse against their bloody murderers. 'Happy Easter' is heard everywhere!

Easter Monday (April 12th) - An international passenger train travelling from Belgrade to Thessaloniki was bombed and hit as it reached the Grdelica Bridge. Two carriages were completely destroyed. More than 3O people were killed, 17 missing and a large number more or less critically injured. Once again, the Pancevo oil refinery was bombed, causing damage to the 14th century monastery of Vojlovica. The Zastava factory was bombed again: 36 workers injured. In Toplica, more than 10 missiles were thrown onto the village of Merdare! The village of Crni Breg was shattered by cluster bombs for the second time. In Pristina, a military base was hit; three civilians killed and one badly wounded. In Krusevac, the '14 October' factory, a manufacturer of construction machines and building materials, was very badly damaged. In the same bombing, a huge district heating plant was destroyed.

Third day of Easter (April 13th) - The destruction and complete demolition of the Zastava plant was accomplished. In Krusevac, the Rasina Bridge was destroyed. Again the targets were the oil refineries in Pancevo and Novi Sad. Above Belgrade, a serious battle was fought with the enemy's air forces, anti-aircraft missiles and bullets overtaking each other. It thundered like never before. NATO targeted and hit a new sports complex in New Belgrade, which was not even open to the public yet. The following cities were raided with bombs: Sombor, Valjevo, Krusevac, and many places in Kosovo.

The criminal and unjustified acts of mindless NATO forces continued after the Easter holiday. Insane pilots fired rockets on a one-kilometer column of Albanian refugees - mostly the old, sick, women and children returning to their homes. In order to stop the refugees' return to their homes, NATO killed more than 60 Albanians. NATO first accused the Serbs for this awful crime, and then, due to overwhelming evidence, including personal testimonies from the refugees and photographs, they admitted that the bombing was an "accidental mistake!"

Clinton loses his nerves as the world is getting in on the truth and understanding that he is spilling out lie after lie, while they see his real intentions: the wish -- at whatever the cost, even if it meant a flood of human lives lost on both Serbian and Albanian sides, and the destruction of Yugoslavia's economy -- to secure US military bases on our Holy Land of Kosovo. This is why he starts preparing for an attack on Yugoslavia with ground troops. In the end this clown will realize that he too will have to get dressed in an army uniform and try to step onto our land.

The message we send him: 'Go Away Satan, so we do not make our hands dirty with you!'


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Note: Dr. Ajdacic's three essays, written during Easter 1999, could not have found their way to Swans without the relentless help of Pedja Zoric (Serbian Canadian Society of Vancouver) as well as the translation and efforts of Serbian Unity Congress, Serbian Canadian Society of Vancouver, Natasa Mrkic, Jelena Vladikovic, Otto K. Folprecht, and Piotr Bein. (Editing: Jan Baughman and Gilles d'Aymery.)


       Prof. Vladimir S. Ajdacic, Ph.D., educated at the University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, and at the University of Toronto, Canada, is a retired nuclear physicist. He is presently dealing with the problems of eliminating heavy radioactive metals (U, Pu) from the humans that, under peaceful or war circumstances, became victims of nuclear technology, pestilence of our time. Dr. Ajdacic lives in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

         Please, DO NOT steal, scavenge or repost this work without the expressed written authorization of Swans, which will seek permission from the author. This material is copyrighted, © Vladimir S. Ajdacic 2001. All rights reserved.

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Published April 13, 2001
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