9-11: Overheard on Main Street

Scene II - The Lament

by Gilles d'Aymery

February 11, 2002

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(A couple of Buds later...)

- Oh, Joe, I'm so sorry. Your pink slip... how could it be?

- Man, I've no f****** idea. Can't be, can't be... Just last week, I was talking to my foreman, you know, asking him how we were doing at the mill... He said not to worry, everything's fine, Ford's going to renew their contract...

- Do you know Ford's laying off 35,000 workers?

- Who cares, man, who cares. I've just lost my job...

- And your health plan?

- Shit, and my health plan too...

- And your pension...

- Shut up, man. How can it be? Just last week...

- Yeah, just last week they were telling you not to worry, and the President's saying the recession's over, get out to the Mall and shop... Just need to take care of the evildoers, defend our freedoms, our peace-loving nation, our compassionate conservatism...

- The evildoers... The evildoers... That's what's going on, man. It's all because of this bin Laden and the terrorist thing... I've lost my job because of the terrorists. That's it. I had enough of all these evildoers who take our jobs and our women and our safety and our security and our liberties and our oil and, and, and... Let' get 'em! Let' smoke and fry the bastards! I say, let' get all of 'em, the Afghanians, the Iranis, the Pakistanians, the Palestanis, the Philippanis, the Somalians, the Iraqians, the Serbis and the Yugoslavians, all the "ians" and the "is"... Let' throw 'em out of the country, and bomb theirs. It'll be good for the economy and for my job. I hear GE and TRW are hiring...

- Yeah, defense is a good business to be in right now. Nothing's better than a little war to revive the economy, right?

- No man, not a little war, a big one, a really big one, one that lasts for years. Let' get rid of all our enemies, the Europeis and the Ruskians, the Chinians and the Commians, and the Muslis -- don't forget the Muslis... Let' get rid of evil once and for all. We are Americans, a force of goodness in a dark, dark world, as the Prez said. Then, the economy will be fine, just fine... Us and our friends, we'll be all right...

- Our friends?

- Yeah, those who are with us and not against us like they all are, as the Prez said. And if there are not many left, all the better for the economy -- no more oil shortages, man. It's all about the economy, ya' know...

- Umm, I thought I had heard you say it was all about the evildoers, the terrorists...

- It's the same f****** shit, man! Can't you get it, you and your smart ass?

- Sure can, Joe. Sure can; but thanks for the lesson in Economics 101. It is indeed all about the economy!


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Published February 11, 2002
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