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Letter to Alma Hromic regarding her work on the Balkans. See also The Balkans and Yugoslavia on Swans.

Dear Alma:

I use to read Swans and particularly subjects on the Balkans. Originating from Greece, I believe in the historical ties we, the Greeks, have with the Balkans and particularly with the Serbian people. Reading your texts I feel an internal release to a very painfull feeling that comes from the European medias, that most are demonizing Serbs for whatever happenned in the Balkans lately. I do feel the truth you are expressing in your words, associating with the nostalgy and the pain for all these late events in the area. I am not a politician, I am very honest to be one, I am not a writer either. I admire you for your courage to be "the drop in the ocean," the lonely leaf against the wind. Sometimes history will uncover the truth about the Balkans, but I doubt if the wounded heart of the Serbian people will ever find the peace for the next centuries. Money and "Pouvoir" [Power] are the key-words for what happened in the area, influence and submission, the actual results of all the slavic people who have been pushed to forget their roots. Anyway we do live the changes of our world. A New World Order, where the people who like their history are banned and they who accept the new dress, glorified. What a pity, really. The magic has gone and a new flat world is now in front of us. Keep going Alma, I like your words and the words of your colleagues. I will keep dreaming with you all.

With best regards,

Konstantinos Nassiopoulos
Fribourg, Switzerland


Alma Hromic responds:

Dear Konstantinos,

Many thanks for your kind words and encouragement. It is not only because of our own need but because of readers like yourself that we keep climbing that mountain -- because of you, and of your conviction that if we persevere long enough we *will* find that green valley where peace lives just on the other side of the badlands.

We know it has to exist, somewhere. We'll keep on searching.

Thank you,

Palm City, Florida


Regarding the US War against Iraq. See Iraq and the Sanctions on Swans.

Dear Editor,
please find attached a small contribution to your fine work and worthy magazine:

The Burning Bush's Poodle

TONTO! TONTO! Come here my lovely boy,
Feel thy Master hold Time's fickle glass,
His dark hour approaches; destruction and pestilence.
But thy Master hast given thee warning; and therein show'st,
Thy United Nations withering; His patience waning.
And war is death; and sovereign mistress over wrack,
But as thou dragged to war; pulled hard on thy leash,
Resist! Resist! still thy Master will pluck thee back.
He keeps thee to his purpose, for that's his skill,
And show'st your disgrace with people thou will kill.
Yet fear HIM, O thou minion of his pleasure!
For he will take a child's life and steal their treasure.
And his audit, though delay'd, answer'd must be,
For the price of "black gold" is the death of a Nation;
And this fait accompli, will'st be rendered unto thee.

jIM bOND :0)) January 18, 2003 [Skewen and London, if not Godrer'graig]

With apologies to William Shakespeare.

Note: That TONTO is the cur, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair -- The One Nation TOry and Prime Minister of [Great] Britain, and I do not need to tell you who is the "Burning Bush."


Jim Bond
Skewen, Neath, South Wales

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Published January 20, 2003
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