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Regarding Ed Herman's article, Parallel And Linked Genocides: Iraq And Palestine

To the Editor:

Yes, yes, and yes to this analysis of the naked genocide that is likely to begin in Palestine.

Mr. Herman would be disappointed by the absence of any comments about how the Israeli agenda is driving the war madness by speakers at the DC protest yesterday. At the October rally, I spoke with Palestinian activists who resent that the anti-war movement is still afraid to take on the Israelis and their announced intention to ethnically cleanse their colony of its original inhabitants once a war with Iraq is under way. Nothing changed yesterday. There are well-informed voices of dissent, however, about how the Bush machine is playing into the hands of the Sharon/Netanyahu machine in various online groups. There are many talented, articulate American activists who are pushing hard for a rigorous examination of the obscene symbiosis between Israel and the US. If he is interested, I'd like to pass on to him the names of some like-minded people who would welcome his voice. These are not radicals but thoughtful students and longtime activists who want their taxes to be withheld from Israel (and who want to dry up the money trail from AIPAC and others) in order to force public debate about our support of Israel.

Cameron McLaughlin
Pensacola, Florida, USA


To the Editor:

Hats off for an extremely well documented article! All I wish to add is that Michael Ignatieff's keen interest in demonstrating Milesovic's 'diabolical' plan is just one of zionists' mischievous strategy to keep the Western public away from what is happening daily in Palestine. This is an old zionist device that is, alas, always bearing fruits...

Carol Rodocanachi Boms
Geneva, Switzerland


Regarding Gilles d'Aymery's article, A World Full Of Choking Pretzels

To the Editor:

I was reading Gilles d'Aymery's article about all the problems in the world while shelling and eating peanuts and started coughing. It's all his fault and I am going to sue -- just kidding!!

Anyway, it reminds me of a joke Mort Sahl told while I was growing up during the 50's. He said:

President Eisenhower had a globe in the Oval office with all the world trouble spots marked with black -- that is he had this big black globe in his office..

Definitely looks grim, though.

At least the demonstrations show America is starting to get off its butt to challenge these reptilian hominids.

Eric Arnow
Santa Rosa, California, USA


To the Editor:

Gilles d'Aymery gives a very nice tour of around-the-world snacks ready for George W. Bush, but overlooks what I think is the biggest of all. The coming peak in oil production. Bush will gain control of a bombed-out Persian Gulf just as oil production begins to decline. That ought to set everybody to squabbling nicely over the dip. People, people, mind your manners.

Michael Doliner
Ithaca, New York, USA


Regarding Alma Hromic's poem, The Birds

Dear Editor,
Hromic's poem is good and to the point.

Living in southeastern Illinois we had a phenomenon early in this region last fall or about the 1st of September.

All at once there was a total disappearance of birds covering several miles. I mentioned it and some people had noticed it but others had not and simply didn't care.

I wrote letters to about four or five area papers and there was some response.

Some birds have reappeared but others have not. There is no vast numbers in those you see. I even contacted the state veterinarian service, but they were too busy working and analyzing dead birds that had been turned in for analysis to get further involved.

They were simply being overworked to take any action.

William D. Gray
Sumner, Illinois, USA


Regarding Gilles d'Aymery's dossier, United States' Gargantuan Energy Appetite

To the Editor:

Are you familiar with the Second law of thermodynamics?

The Carnot limitations of heat engines?

Without losses we could not generate electricity or motion from heat.

It turns out that getting 30% of the energy input in a heat engine converted to useful work is a very respectable number. You act like this is a crime against humanity.

BTW have you read about the natural gas fuel cell prototypes that can convert 80% in a combined cycle (turbine/fuel cell)? America will be doing better over time. But it will take time - 20 to 50 years.

M. L. Simon
Rockford, Illinois, USA

[Ed. "To say that future cars will run on hydrogen can be quite deceptive. What kind of hydrogen? If the automobile manufacturers bring to market hydrogen cars with fuel cells using hydrogen created through steam methane reforming, hence using fossil fuels as feedstock, this will be at best a palliative and at worse a placebo. Alternatively, using hydrogen from water remains very much in an experimental, though apparently a promising stage." See A Real Energy Challenge (11/12/01) and The Schatz Energy Research Center.]

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Published February 3, 2003
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