Note from the Editor

Talk about ingenuity (or would that be disingenuity?) on the part of the US Administration! A Palestinian provisional state in three years, if everything goes according to plan and all conditions are met. What do they have in mind, one of those states in cyberspace? You need not be a Martian to understand the game played by Bush & Co. (including Congress) in regard to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but it won't hurt you either to read what Yyuran, Deck Deckert's young friend, has to say. Soon, Yyuran will fully understand the meaning of the word "charade!"

Michael Stowell has a few ideas of his own on this conflict but he goes further, taking a look at the next foreign foray into Iraq, and links these to the dark clouds accumulating on the Bushies' domestic front. For, if you think that the US economy is humming along, you may want to think again. Actually, these domestic tribulations, economic dislocations and systemic contradictions may well be the cause, and not the effect, of the "war on terrorism." Patterns do connect, you know! Simply ask who benefits, as Milo Clark does. The more diverted, deluded and confused we are -- which is how politicians want us -- the more it serves the interests of a few... Jan Baughman and Jim Longo, a new contributor to Swans, provide ample examples of the rampant economic manipulations made to confuse and delude the many.

This past June 28 was an important date for the Serbs and their culture. St Vitus Day is rooted in their history. Of course, most people could not care less about history, especially that of the Serbs, but we do -- especially Alma Hromic. Read her piece; you'll find history, raw emotions and poetry. Speaking of poetry we are publishing the first contribution, "Jupiter's Eyes," of a 17-year old who aspires to become a journalist; and we keep on with Hromic's ten-part poem on "Going Home."

Finally, something more prosaic: If you are sick and tired of the Unsolicited Commercial Emails (SPAM) filling your mail boxes, read what CAUCE has to say and see what you can do. You must make your voice be heard!

Enjoy this rendition and, as always, form your OWN opinion. Then, let your friends (and foes) know about Swans. It's your voice that makes ours grow.


Middle East 101

Deck Deckert:  Untangling The Mideast For A Martian

"Yes!" I said enthusiastically to my Martian friend, Yyuran. "Bush has finally said that Arafat has to go; that he's irrelevant. It's about time Bush laid down the law."   More...


Patterns Which Connect

Michael W. Stowell:  Birds In The Attic

Sometime ago a pair of stellar jays took up residence under the eaves of our house and now they have a little family started. They're quite noisy neighbors but I enjoy their presence even though my housemate strongly objects; she's eighty years old and needs her quiet rest.   More...


Gilles d'Aymery:  The Tribulations Of The Toads

Sometime in 1999, Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc., the Wall Street financial giant of (presently) Martha Stewart and ImClone fame, put out a glossy 8-page ad in various publications nationwide. The front page was entirely white with a small 1.5" x 1" cutout revealing a framed picture of the perfect couple in their mid- to late-forties;   More...


Milo Clark:  Illusion. . . Delusion. . . Confusion

To know any of these states of mind with clarity appears based in assumptions rarely made explicit. To be clear whether or not one harbors illusion, is deluded or confused remains matters of perspective, in turn, a function of perception.   More...


Milo Clark:  Special Conditions

It is clear from simply being, should one attempt to be clear about being, that a normal or prevalent state is one of delusion, illusion and confusion. The proofs are readily available in the centuries and millennia of philosophical expositions.   More...


America: Myths and Realities

Jan Baughman:  Should We Spend Or Should We Save?

President Bush lamented in his June 29 radio address that, "This week, we learned of another deeply troubling accounting scandal at a major American corporation [WorldCom].   More...


James Longo:  Highway Robbery Without A Gun

I went down to the local chain pharmacy to fill a prescription for a common antibiotic. The price for the six pills was $51. I approached the pharmacist behind the counter.   More...


For the History Books

Alma A. Hromic:  St Vitus Day: Better Grave Than Slave!

Again, my child? That story? But it is late, and you can never go to sleep, after... but all right, then. Children need their horrors, I suppose.   More...


Activism Under the Radar Screen

Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail:  Fight Spam (UCE)

[Ed. Note: Are you tired of getting your e-mail account(s) bombarded with Spam (UCE, or Unsolicited Commercial E-mail)? Are you tired of seeing your own e-mail address faked by the spammers so that it looks like you did send the UCE yourself? Are you tired of pyramid schemes, Nigerian frauds, penis enlargement, breast enlargement, herbal Viagra, get-rich-doing-nothing, and all the scams under the sky? Are you tired of paying for it all (you do!)? Then, fight back!]   More...



David A. Garrett:  Jupiter's Eye

Shout to the sky
Piss on the moon
Spit in Jupiter's eye
The end is soon
And come with me
For a swim in the sea
Wade in the shallow water
The Earth is growing hotter   More...


Alma A. Hromic:  Going Home: v - Distant Voices

[Ed. Fifth part of a ten-part poem]

I carry them all like recordings,
the remembered and the never heard voices,
my living and my dead.   More...



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Created: July 8, 2002