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Note from the Editors

"Credibility" is the word of the day, with Barack Obama's increasingly under question of late. He's being attacked -- most vociferously from the right -- over scandals and leaks at the CIA, IRS, NSA, etc. It all seems to come with the job description... The previous administrations' detours from the law are long behind us, but Glenn Reed has not forgotten, as he considers the scorecard for "liberty and justice for all" in the last few months, where torturers are deemed free from prosecution by the US Supreme Court, war criminals get library dedications and praise, and a corporate crook who ruined the lives of thousands gets to serve just a quarter of his sentence. Only in America! In all fairness, the president's criticism comes from his supporters as well, one being Harvey Whitney, Jr. As an adjunct professor, he and his colleagues are suffering the adverse effects of the Affordable Care Act, the untoward consequences of which do not bode well for the fragile state of the higher education system. As to the fragile state of the environment, Michael Barker presents Part III of his look at the seemingly strange bedfellows and their legacy of "spiritual capitalism" within the organic movement.

After all that, it's time for a humorous interlude. Jan Baughman, our house editor and punctuation connoisseur, describes a rant-filled year without access to a comma, while Gilles d'Aymery takes a sardonic look at the state of privacy in the age of digitalism. Peter Byrne turns to satire with a review of George Saunders's newest collection of short stories, and Raju Peddada's travel tale reveals real-life dog and monkey business in India. We close with David Francis's poetic train trip through Illinois and the unusual landmark pointed out by the conductor, Guido Monte's poem inspired by a Luigi Pirandello story, and your letters regarding William Vogt and Michael Barker on population control, and Gilles d'Aymery's The Non-Drumbeaters and Non-Axe-Grinders.

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Patterns Which Connect

Genn Reed:  "Liberty And Justice For All" If You Run In The Right Circles

Liberty and justice for all in the U.S. depend on who you are.   More...


Harvey E. Whitney, Jr.:  The Adjunct Professor Conundrum And The Affordable Care Act

A bleak, inside look at the effect of the Affordable Care Act on adjunct professors -- and the US higher education system.   More...


Michael Barker:  Beyond The Macrobiotic Faithful (Part III of III)

The legacy of spiritual capitalism within the organic movement.   More...


Humor with a Zest

Jan Baughman:  An Uncomma Life

A humorous rant about Words with Friends, the Kindle Fire, and a frustrating year without access to a comma.   More...


Gilles d'Aymery:  Privacy And Digitalism

A sardonic look at the recent events haunting Barack Obama's presidency and what lies ahead in our Orwellian surveillance state.   More...


Hungry Man, Reach For The Book

Peter Byrne:  George Saunders's Satire For Soft Hearts

A review of newest collection of short stories by George Saunders, whose satire doesn't escape the gaga optimism of his compatriots.   More...


Arts & Culture

Raju Peddada:  Monkey Business!

A travel tale to Mangalore, India, that's full of dog and monkey business.   More...



David Francis:  Illinois

The poet recalls a train trip through Illinois and the unusual landmark pointed out by the conductor.   More...


Multilingual Poetry

Guido Monte:  Luigi's geranium

Guido Monte writes a poem, translated by Adele Ward, inspired by the story Di sera, un geranio ("In the evening, a geranium") by Luigi Pirandello.   More...


Letters to the Editor


On William Vogt and Michael Barker on population control, and Gilles d'Aymery's The Non-Drumbeaters and Non-Axe-Grinders.   More...


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