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The Insurgent Word: Evil


by Gerard Donnelly Smith





(Swans - December 5, 2005) 

Those who claim death reclaims freedom mostly claim exceptions to the rule.
Those who listen mostly to mediocre men, the mediocre call brilliant.
Those who scream loudest for truth most loudly deny the most obvious lie.
Those who the starving most envy most often grow fat from starving men.
Those who from the pulpit preach virtues practice in private the vices they deny.
Those who the self-righteous call worthy mostly debase the worth of men.
Those who for the crowds display passion, for passion readily sell themselves.

For whom profit becomes motive, human suffering becomes the crime.
For whom possessions become need, freewill becomes dependent upon.
For whom evil defines others, others will define as equally evil.
For whom loyalty requires oaths, betrayal defines any questioning.
For whom love has a single meaning, the word hate becomes universal.
For whom god has a single meaning, the devil has a warm heart.
For whom destiny means greatness, history has a less flattering name.

Whoever perjures receives pardon from those whom he protects.
Whoever murders receives mercy from those whom he obeys.
Whoever betrays receives honor from his partisans.
Whoever taxes receives donations from those with exceptions.
Whoever tortures receives rewards for false information.
Whoever flatters receives promotion for their incompetence.
Whoever bribes receives flattery from those whom he has bribed.

For those who think children and pregnant mothers are guinea pigs,
The Lord of Evil has prepared a glorious reception;
For those who accept or promote those who harm children and mothers,
The Lord of Evil has prepared a most glorious reception.
By their own words and actions understand the evil they so readily condemn;
By their contradictory and hypocritical nature know the meaning of evil.

For those who resist them, the universe has a most holy welcome.

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