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Roasting Marshmallows


by Linda Eve Diamond





(Swans - December 5, 2005) 

Money runs the world, in power suits, serving money ministries.
Mass media controls mass thoughts, bantered by the masses.

The madman waits.

We accept markets with health food aisles, and over-stocks of anti-health.
So-called foods—processed, deficient, poisoned, genetically toyed with.

The madman waits.

We oppose forced sterilization, yet we are being made sterile.
We only half believe it, but at least science makes babies.

The madman waits.

We poison our lawns and send children out to play.
At least there are no flowers; we hate the yellow flowers.

The madman waits.

We raise good, bad, selfish, addicted and sad cyber children.
They are not safe from themselves, from each other, from us.

The madman waits.

Chemical sweets impair the brain, making a puzzle of abstract ideas.
Now children are wild, adults insane, but we have Ritalin and asylums.

The madman waits... the saneman cries, and we anesthetize.
We use drugs, sports, food, and the banter of mass thoughts.

The house is burning to hot ash and we roast marshmallows.
What's lost is soon to be forgotten. Marshmallows taste good.

The madman smiles. The world has come to him.

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Linda Eve Diamond is a multi-faceted freelance writer. Her poetry has won editor's choice in the Coffee House Press literary journal award and has been published in a number of literary journals; selected poems have been featured on WMID 1340AM in Atlantic City. She has two business books coming out this year and is completing a book on listening. Currently, Linda serves on the board of the International Listening Association (ILA), though her political writings in no way speak for the ILA, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to the study, practice and development of listening.



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