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Nothing Recalled


by Guido Monte and Vittorio Cozzo







Prologue of "Nothing recalled
and the mysterious life of God"


(Swans - August 28, 2006)  
Painting of a crowd praying before the sun,
a painting hidden inside a little medal
which safeguards the whiteness of centuries
                         in Milan's oldest square—
the square of a solitary day of sunlight,
fragment of other lights.
Dream of a crowd, of nothing, of vanity

le rêve devient petit et lui aussi un autre néant,
le manque de choses et de pensées pour se voir
audenans, pour des êtres dont le destin
(inconnu pour eux) est renfermé dans une larme intérieure,
dans la fumée d'une chambre perdue, dans une terre humide,
de visages effrayés et verres cassés,

macerie di sangue umano che nessuno conosce

ruins of human blood nobody knows.


(tranlated by Giovanni Panzica, Patrick Waites and Rosa Maria Costa.)


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Guido Monte teaches Italian and Latin literature in Palermo, Italy. He blends living and dead languages, and ancient and modern poets, in search of deeper relations between different people and cultures. He was born in 1962. You can find more creative writing of his own on happano.org, Words Without Borders, Segue, the multilingual magazine Litterae, and on BlazeVox (PDF file), an online journal of voice. Vittorio E. Cozzo was born in Palermo. He is a free-thinker who against all odds publishes experimental works with Guido Monte (e.g., "Nothing recalled and the mysterious life of God." He continues to live and operate in some remote part of Palermo.



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