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Fenced In


by Martin Murie





(Swans - August 28, 2006) 
Barbed wire in the mind
I'll call it that.
Four strand fence, barbs sharp
against chest and gut and legs.
          Border Line
I step back into my territory
and yours.
To step over or slip under antelope style
I risk branding
and so do you.
The brands were made in struggles past.
New brands ordered if needed
or the old altered with a red hot
running iron.

But what the hell
I step back to the barbs
notice a slight sag in the top wire
someone has stepped over
or was it just a range cow scratching its hide
or a bull elk rubbing his antlers?
I stay, looking into great swatches of dark
and of light, familiar and yet not quite
and the lights and darks shift
as if nothing is totalized, nothing
locked in
and the winds, those winds out there
they touch your face differently, they leave
a tangy taste.

We could compare notes.
Let's do that.
Then what?


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