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Aha n.4: The End
(Eugenio Montale, Heraclitus, Guido Cavalcanti)


by Guido Monte







(Swans - September 25, 2006)  
So che si può esistere
non vivendo,

tu epilanthanoménoy ei e odòs ághei

tanto è distrutta già la mia persona,
ch'i' non posso soffrire

(anápaula en tei phyghei)—

                                       la morte
mi stringe sì, che vita m'abbandona

ai psykaì osmontai cath' Aiden

[I know everyone can exist
without living
forgetting where the road leads

so much I'm destroyed inside me
that I can no longer suffer
(that's the solace in exile)—

death is so running short
                      that life deserts me,
while souls get a whiff of Hades below]


(The author thanks Giusy Chirco, Tom Di Liberto and Viviana Fiorentino.
The Sanskrit term "aha" embraces all the letters of the alphabet in her depth, symbolically embracing the whole universe.)


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Guido Monte teaches Italian and Latin literature in Palermo, Italy. He blends living and dead languages, and ancient and modern poets, in search of deeper relations between different people and cultures. He was born in 1962. You can find more creative writing of his own on happano.org, Words Without Borders, Segue, the multilingual magazine Litterae, and on BlazeVox (PDF file), an online journal of voice. Vittorio E. Cozzo was born in Palermo. He is a free-thinker who against all odds publishes experimental works with Guido Monte (e.g., "Nothing recalled and the mysterious life of God." He continues to live and operate in some remote part of Palermo.



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