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Faith-Based Research


by Jan Baughman


A Cartoon




(Swans - September 25, 2006) 

Pic: Faith-Based Research - © 2006 Jan Baughman - Size: 36k
Faith-Based Research - © 2006 Jan Baughman


This summer the Union of Concerned Scientists held Science Idol: the Scientific Integrity Editorial Cartoon Contest, soliciting cartoons related to political interference in science. Jan Baughman's entry was among the 60 semifinalists chosen from hundreds of submissions, and represents the Bush administration's political meddling in health care and research on everything from impeding the FDA's approval of over-the-counter Plan B emergency contraception, to promoting abstinence over condom use for AIDS prevention, to refusing funding of international maternal health programs that discuss abortion and contraception.

Twelve cartoons (Jan's not among them) were selected for publication in the 2007 Defending Science calendar -- click here to see the finalists and to vote for the grand prize winner. Voting is open until September 30.


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