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US Midterm Elections: Recommendations







[ed. These recommendations reflect primarily the opinions of Jan Baughman and Gilles d'Aymery, co-editors of Swans. They should not be viewed as an endorsement from all the contributors to Swans, though we think that they reflect the views of some of them.]


(Swans - October 23, 2006)   We do not have strong opinions on ALL the races in the country or for that matter in California, our state of residence, though our focus is evidently on California. Overall, our approach is to select candidates that are proactive according to our choices, without party affiliation.



» Governor: PETER CAMEJO, without second thought. Both Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) and Phil Angelides (D) are corporate sponsored, pro-war, and anti-immigrants in one way or the other. Peter Camejo offers a real difference in governance. Anyway, for the lesser-evilists out there, Phil Angelides has botched the game by running as an anti-Arnold and not offering much of a change. Vote Camejo.

» Lieutenant Governor: DONNA WARREN. She's on the right side of all issues we care for. A long-time activist; a woman...a black woman, she offers her minority and gender perspective with a relentless pursuit of justice. Keep at it, Donna; keep at it!

» US Senate: TODD CHRETIEN. Dianne Feinstein, this filthy-rich corporate doll is a pro-war, pro-death power broker who could care less about the rest of us. Check out how much she is like you and us. Todd Chretien is right on almost all the issues that count and his wallet is not loaded with pork.

» US Congress, District 8: KRISSY KEEFER, all the way. Nancy Pelosi ($15-55 million net worth) does not deserve one's vote. She's too much a replication of Karl Rovian politics within the Democratic Party. Pro-war, she is desperately. Can't wait to go after Iran. Called Hugo Chávez an "everyday thug." Keefer, who has raised $30,000 (vs. $1.5 million for Pelosi), will bring her artistic talents to the inner chamber of Congress. When is the last time arts & culture (as well as sanity) have been represented in the august chamber?

» US Congress, District 8: LYNN WOOLSEY. Now, don't tell us we are utterly berserk, or commies, or radicals, or whatever. When a Democrat is for real, we have no problem recommending voting for one. We would vote for a Republican, had s/he Woolsey's record. Again, party affiliation is not our common denominator. Lynn Woolsey is the best the Democratic Party can hope for. Too bad she is one of them without being one of 'em. One of these days, she may jump to our side and start a real revolution.

» US Congress, District 9: BARBARA LEE. See our view of Donna Warren...and Lynn Woolsey. Barbara Lee is a superlative human being. Here again, it's too bad she runs on a Democrat ticket, but she's been the best on the political scene in several generations.

» The rest: Many other seats are for grab. We can't call them all. The rule of thumb is whenever a candidate answers your choices vote for her or him.

» Propositions: #83: No. #84: Yes. #85: No. #86: No. #87: Yes. #88: Yes. #89: Yes. #90: No.


Around the country

We are not equipped to review the entire country, but here are a couple of recommendations.

» In New York State, Louis Proyect favors Malachy McCourt, the Green candidate for governor. Howie Hawkins challenges DLC's Hillary R. Clinton. Go for them. You cannot be wrong.

» Same in Michigan: Follow John Catalinotto's advice.

» All over the country: If you want change, follow your mind and your guts. Don't vote against Bush. Vote on the issues. Vote according to your conscience. Change will not come this time around, but you will be working toward it. Again, go to greens.org/elections to find a Green candidate in your state and in your communities.


Eternal Losers?

You betcha! We are going to lose big time again. And we will lose again, and again, and again, and again...till one misty morning of some November when we will wake up bewildered: We will have won! How did they do it in Bolivia, or in Brazil, or in Argentina, or in Venezuela...? They voted on the issues, for representatives who shared their values. If it can happen there, why not here?

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