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The Litany Of W


by Jude Bischoff & Gerard Donnelly Smith





(Swans - April 23, 2007)  

Warped is the mind of the artist and poet
Warped is the pole holding the flag
Warped is the commentator we believe
Warped our sense of you and me

Wrapped in denial of the obvious
Wrapped numbly in their well-worn words
Wrapped in egos they project for us
Wrapped snugly in empty pleasures

Wounded the separated lifeless leg
Wounded the tears of the relatives
Wounded from too much, too much
Wounded to confusion, the morning after

Wound tightly in its tourniquet
Wound like timers and tripwires
Wound so much and much too often
Wound with an intention to spring

Womb balled up and tormented
Womb violated within the mother's nest
Womb that nurtures we ask forgiveness
Womb we qualify your right to give

Witness for the voiceless who cry
Witness this insufferable lying
Witness whom compassion denies
Witness to prosecute an end



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Gerard Donnelly Smith on Swans (with bio). Jude Bischoff is an old friend of Gerard Donnelly Smith.



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