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Kuenda beyond n.4: voice of silence
Dante A., Vergil, W. Blake


by Guido Monte and Francesca Saieva


"in the lost parts of Earth..."
(Marie Rennard)



Pic: "Dante and Vergil" - © 1995 Giovanni M. Russo - Size: 8k
Dante and Vergil
© 1995 Giovanni M. Russo



(Swans - April 23, 2007)  

here's the Sibyl closed voice, of invisible

reigns on a dying sun:

«come d'autunno si levano le foglie

l'una d'appresso de l'altra fin che 'l ramo

                     vede a terra tutte le sue spoglie,

così sen vanno su per l'onda bruna

ibant obscuri sola sub nocte

                per umbram perque domos Ditis

                     vacuas et inania regna

poscere fata tempus,

quisque suos patimur Manis

shaking convulsed the shivering Clay breathes

and all Flesh naked stands»



[here's the Sibyl closed voice, of invisible
reigns on a dying sun:
"autumn leaves down at the last fall,
bough's remains on the ground,
so they go on through gloomy waves-
and walking dimly through the Dis empty
               buildings and waste kingdoms
now it's the time to know the future,
everyone suffers his past Manes-
shaking convulsed the shivering Clay breathes
      and all Flesh naked stands"]



All night now, but never darkness, of souls eager for truth. The closed voice of silence is talking about you, souls with no weight, slamming in the wind, awaiting for the "great noontide" (Nietzsche)...between the blooming underground roots of nothingness (Neher), beyond every common sense. Men, bridges, ropes, stretched ropes, you live on the overcoming, on the crossing, on a challenge before your real life and its cares, its past burden. Be true to the Earth, when silence is revealing the rich strength of being (Neher). Souls? You try, just while your artery is pulsating (Blake), to relieve pain to your own flesh, and the naked Flesh can revive at its end, end "that was yesterday, returns today, will be tomorrow" (I. Bachmann).



The authors thank Nyambura Kiarie and Giusi Chirco. Photo by Giovanni M. Russo: Dante and Vergil, 1995.


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