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A Cross-Legged Night And Les Arbres De Tom


by Marie Rennard


Polesy (Polésie) **



(Swans - September 10, 2007)  

It was one of those nights
Where the surrounding moon leaves the sky to the dark
And the whale flinches far from her minor planet.
Frozen, dead mocking birds had fallen by hundreds
Dogs were yelping with fear
Some horses running lost
Et les humanidés had fallen on their knees.
Trees only kept standing
Some cross-legged—like the Knight
Watching the scene from far
His face hidden in helm—
Some other skinny-boned
Some were crooked
Some were straight
All quiet
The roots they had inside
Would stand them still
Listening to some far-away tunes
Till mornings—or the moon came again.


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