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Incertitude/Soledad (Doubt/Solitude)
Ennius, Ovid, Rubén Dario


by Guido Monte





Pic: "doubts" - © 2006 Giuseppe Quattrocchi - Size: 7k
doubts (fragment)
© 2006 Giuseppe Quattrocchi



(Swans - September 10, 2007)  

o magna templa caelitum
commixta stellis splendidis,

universo de universos...

nobis habitabitur orbis ultimus—
se para la marea...
y no saber adónde vamos...



[celestial beings' immense worlds
mixed up with shining stars,
just a universe of universes...

the last world I live—
the tide ceases...
and where're we going to?]



Drawing: Giuseppe Quattrocchi, doubts (fragment) (2006)


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