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To My Brother


by Carol Warner Christen





(Swans - January 28, 2008)  

I would if I wanted to but I won't.

You would see if you cared but you don't.

The myriad ways to know, to see, to be,

Diverged between you and me.

Tyranny crept in ever so slowly,

Whispering one advantage only,

One man's poison is another man's death,

Which one dies and which gains wealth?

Groups drunk with ill-gotten power,

Attack and attack until others cower.

Liberty loses as tyranny poses

Choice without focuses.

Is our attention too thin?

Can we overlook the endless din?

Life too full of meaningless contraction

Scatters humanity into distraction.

We morph our principles and warp meaning,

Establish justice without legal leaning,

Pretend we are barbarian bands,

To ignore the Preamble's plans.

Shred rights and shred bodies to undermine,

What we have no intention to determine.

Habeas corpus lived for 800 years;

We turned our heritage into crocodile tears.


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About the Author

Carol Warner Christen on Swans (with bio)... Woman born 1939, twice married, five children, 7 grandchildren; own a goat farm, rural Oregon after years in Chicago area and Ohio; Associate of Arts, Chicago Art Institute (1 year); artist, editor, mechanical design drafting supervisor; owned two computer companies before anyone had a computer; activist; antiwar; human.



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