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Journey... n.5: Sphinx
Dante, G. de Santillana, G. Ungaretti


by Guido Monte & Francesca Saieva


Multilingual Poetry


To the memory of Philip Greenspan  

Pic: "Death Against Life (to Philip Greenspan)" - © 2008 Guido Monte - Size: 20k
Death Against Life (to Philip Greenspan)
© 2008 Guido Monte



(Swans - March 10, 2008)  

I don't hope

the remains could be at rest

le bagna la pioggia e muove il vento

rain sprinkles them, wind drags them

mystery is sphinx between us and chaos

and in your veins

nelle vene già impietriva furia

crescente d'ultimo e più arcano sonno

here's just petrified but soaring rage,

on the last and arcanest sleep



All the vanity fairs and habits vanished, waste the soul's places of their new eventual birth (C. Wolf). Saving tears sprinkle the naked earth. Beyond the silence: we're raised breath of an asleep suffering. Inevitable fate of buried souls, the primeval sowed seeds (G. E. Sorel) are coming out from blood's frost. What induces hope? The sorrow will remember us. Afterward we'll be able to recognize ourselves (C. Wolf).


The authors thank Virginia Ann Huth.

Drawing: Guido Monte, Death Against Life (to P. G.), 2008.


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Guido Monte on Swans (with bio). Francesca Saieva teaches philosophy and pedagogy, and is an adjunct professor at the University of Palermo. Read her bio on the page she shares with Guido Monte.



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